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Air Conditioners

Cool, comfortable, cleaner air with the durability and reliability of Trane.

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Packaged Systems

Everything you need for heating and air conditioning in one cabinet.

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Trane furnaces are built to perform all winter long, year after year.

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Heat Pumps

For total home comfort, heat pumps provide both heating and cooling year-round.

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Indoor Air Quility

Make sure your home’s air is as clean and comfortable as it can be.

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Air Handlers

Circulate conditioned air throughout your home for greater system efficiency.

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Residential controls


Maximize system performance with reliable, accurate temperature control.

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HVAC Zoning

It’s simply not possible for one thermostat to provide ideal comfort for every person, in every room. What’s comfortable for the bedroom may be too warm for the family room. Zoning is the easy, affordable solution for optimum home comfort... in every room of the house!

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Comercial Controls

DDC Energy Managment System

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